Abstract expressionism emphasizes free, spontaneous, and personal emotional expression, and it exercises considerable freedom of technique and execution to attain this goal, with a particular emphasis laid on the exploitation of the variable physical character of paint to evoke expressive qualities (e.g., sensuousness, dynamism, violence, mystery, lyricism.) They show similar emphasis on the unstudied and intuitive application of that paint in a form of psychic improvisation akin to the automatism of the Surrealists, with a similar intent of expressing the force of the creative unconscious in art.






  • Born and raised in Los Angeles, California

  • Attended Art Center - College of Design studying Package Design and Advertising

  • Worked in New York City for major cosmetic/fragrance corporations as a package designer

  • Worked in New York City as an art director for major pharmaceutical advertising agencies

  • Attended New York School of Interior Design, summa cum laude

  • Currently resides in Chicago as a fine artist working in Abstract Expressionism

My passion is seeing beauty or visual poetry in wherever I turn. My brain, eyes, and hands think in unison. I am a problem solver seeking to constantly learn, grow, and improve the human condition and spirit. I consider all of my work emotional.

I enjoy photography, typography, 3D design, product design, fashion, stylizing, architecture, space design, music, art, and travels.


Thanks! I will be in contact soon.